Norton (a subsidiary of Symantec Corporations) is one of the renowned providers of antivirus software that offers a protective layer or protection to the users’ device and data against the entire online threats through its Norton Setup products. All the Norton Setup have been included with various advanced features like malware protection, anti-phishing, anti-spamming, all 24/7 tech support, parental control, system optimizer, and many more such improved features.

Some of the popular Norton Setups has been listed below:

  1. Norton Antivirus Basic
  2. Norton Security Standard
  3. Norton Security Deluxe
  4. Norton Security Premium
  5. Norton Utilities
  6. Norton Online Backup

All these Norton Setups have been based on the methods of Signatures and Heuristics for detecting the viruses or malware being infecting the users’ device. To enjoy all these features and the advanced protection offered by the Norton Setups, the users need to follow a set of four interrelated procedures that include the following:

  • Purchase
  • Download
  • Install
  • Activate

What is refers to the link to the website by which the users could easily make access to their Norton My Account. Apart from this, the users could even download the Norton Setup to their device using the 25-character alphanumeric Norton Setup Product key.

How to Download the Norton Setup?

By following the steps detailed below, the users could easily download and install the Norton Setup on their device:

  1. Firstly, visit the official website of Norton antivirus through using the web browser installed on the users’ device.
  2. And then, tap the “Product & Services” option from the home page.
  3. Now, the users will be directed to the Norton Products & Services page that displays all the Norton Setups that have been available to the users.
  4. And then, navigate the product page to search for the desired Norton Setup that the users want to install to their device.
  5. After the desired Norton Setup has been searched, go through its product description to make sure that the selected product is compatible with the users’ system.
  6. Once the user got ensured regarding the compatibility of the selected Norton Setup, tap the “Buy Now and Download” button displayed just below the product name.
  7. To continue with the download process, the users need to either log in to their Norton My Account or create a new one so that they could make the payment of the selected Norton Setup.

(Important Note: To get the steps to create the Norton My Account, go to the support section of the install.)

  1. Once the users successfully login to their Norton Account then, visit the payment section to proceed further.
  2. The users may choose any of the payment modes for making the payments of the selected Norton Setup.
  3. On completing the payment process, click the “Download” button.
  4. And then, an email containing the Norton Setup download link will be received to the users’ email address.
  5. Click this link for downloading the Norton Setup to the users’ device.
  6. By default, the setup will be downloaded to the “Downloads” folder of the device. The users may change the location when prompted.

Apart from purchasing and downloading the Norton Setup over an internet connection, the users could also get the Norton Setup by visiting the nearby retail stores. The Norton Setup purchased through the retail stores has been named as the Norton Setup offline pack. This Norton Setup Offline pack contains a CD pack containing the Norton product setup file and along with a card containing the Norton Setup Product Key, required to activate the product.

How to install the Norton Setup?

Follow the steps mentioned below to install the Norton Setup to the users’ device:

  1. Choose any of the method listed below to access the Norton Setup on the device:
    • Insert the Norton Setup offline CD pack to the CD /DVD drive and then, explore it.
    • Launch the “Downloads” folder of the device.
  2. And then, select the Norton Setup file or .exe file by double-clicking on it.
  3. After this, click the “Yes” button, when prompted.
  4. On the next window, enter the Norton Setup Product Key in the space provided to the users.
  5. And then, click the “Continue” button.
  6. On the second page, go through the End User License Agreement of the Norton Antivirus. And to accept this license agreement, mark the “I Agree” button.
  7. Thus, the process of Norton install will get initiated to the users’ device.
  8. Once the Norton Setup gets successfully installed to the users’ device, click the “Finish” button.

How to redeem the Norton Setup Product Key?

The Norton Setup Product Key refers to the 25-character alphanumeric license keycode that allows the users to activate the Norton Setup on their device. This is because the process of Norton activate plays a crucial as without activation the users are not able to utilize the features to protect their device against the online threats.

Apart from the activation process, the Norton Setup Product Key enables the users to directly download the Norton subscription to the device instead of, inserting the Norton Setup offline CD pack to the CD /DVD drive of the device. The Norton setup downloaded via this manner ensures to the latest one or the upgraded version.

Before initializing the process of Norton Setup, the users need to redeem or locate the Norton Setup Product Key. The Norton Setup Product key is made available to the users in either of the two forms listed below:

  1. In the order confirmation email retrieved to the users’ email address after making the payment of the desired Norton setup.
  2. In the form of printed text printed to the inner circles of the Norton Setup offline CD pack.

How to Activate the Norton Setup?

Follow the steps of Norton Setup mentioned below, to activate the Norton Setup to the users’ device.

  1. Firstly, launch the Norton setup user interface on the device.
  2. And then, go to the “Activation” section on the user interface.
  3. Here, enter the “Norton Setup Product Key” to the corresponding field.
  4. And then, click the “Activate” button.
  5. Thus, the Norton Setup gets activated to the device and could be used to shield the users’ device.