How do I delete my Norton cloud vault permanently

We all have a place where we like to keep our things for its protection, but what about the security of online data. Not everyone pays attention to online accounts and data until something wrong happens. Therefore, Norton nu16 brings intelligent smart so you can keep your online data in a secured place, or at least access it in protected ways.

delete Norton cloud vault

Yet, some people find it difficult to operate Norton cloud vault. Thankfully, you can fix and even delete the vault. Users generally prefer to delete the vault when they no longer continue using the same Norton nu16 or Norton password manager. However, you must have your account access. To delete your Norton cloud vault, remember that you will remove all the data permanently stored in Norton Password Manager as you delete the vault.

Steps to delete your Norton cloud vault permanently:

  1. Open a web browser and log in to account
  2. Go to the desktop screen and click Norton Password Manager from your desktop or taskbar
  3. In the Vault Closed pane, enter a wrong password for three times
  4. Open the ‘click here’ link opposite to Need to delete your Vault
  5. As the Norton Delete Vault window opens up, hit ‘Yes, Delete vault’ button
  6. Enter your Norton account password associated with to confirm and click Delete vault
  7. Click Yes and complete the process

Now, note that the Norton vault will not be deleted when you only uninstall Norton Password Manager. You need to delete the vault manually. Since Norton cloud vault is encrypted; it can only be accessed by using your account and vault passwords.

Nevertheless, it is recommended not to delete Norton vault. Even if you do, make sure to have antivirus protection, which you can get via and the Norton nu16 utility will auto download on your device.

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