Momo Challenge: a sinister replacement of Blue Whale challenge

It’s not been long since we put an end to “Blue Whale” challenge, a new online terror is now looming over our heads. This new online threat disguised as a game is an epidemic for children and a migraine for their parents. They call it “Momo challenge” and the rumors surrounding it, has already worsened enough that even the mention of it could give a chilling sensation among parents in UK.

Momo Challenge

The Momo challenge has become a new source of distress for parents as the game includes evil messages targeting teenagers and adolescents, despite the expert’s claim of it being a hoax. Experts claimed that the game is an internet fraud challenge, and is spreading through Facebook and other social media outlets. It is reported that Momo challenge is quite similar to “Blue Whale”, an identical version of a game that was responsible for an alleged loss of several innocent lives in past years. Despite the claims that the phenomenon had crossed international boundaries by July 2018, there were reportedly less actual complaints and no reports have confirmed by the Police that anyone has endured severe injuries as a direct result of it.

Momo challenge encompasses a series of wicked and evil tasks ranging from violent attacks, shameful acts, and even compelling players to commit suicide. A number of incidents were reported in the past, in which several players were rumored to have committed suicide at the end of the game.

Momo Challenge is a hoax

Fears of Momo Challenge have spread like wildfire throughout the UK after claims that a haunting female figure is enticing children to harm themselves online. Some parents have reported the sinister character and warned other parents on social media to keep their children away from such videos. The female figure has bulging eyes, maniacal façade, and a twisted grin, has been frightening children with increasingly insane messages and making them commit to her wishes and commands. One of such incident has surfaced recently when a UK-based mother warned other parents to speak to their children after she found her 7-year old has reportedly “told his classmates that a doll-like creature will kill them all while they sleep”.

The alleged challenge game was surfaced in February 2019, when a public warning posted on Facebook by the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

Charitable trusts, NGOs and other experts have labeled this sinister game as a hoax. The best thing we can do is generate awareness among our children and keep a close eye on what they surf, who they chat or how they socialize on the Internet.

Samaritans, a charitable trust aimed at providing emotional support to anyone in emotional distress, has stated that the game has sickened many households and the hysteria surrounding the Momo challenge has created a panic putting “vulnerable people” at risk.

NSPCC has stated that online reports have no legitimate proofs to support the claims of its existence.

YouTube has also jumped into the issue defending its integrity after claims that Momo challenge has appeared in the YouTube section of Kid’s videos.

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