How to Fix the Run-time Errors of the Norton Mobile Security on Android 6.0?


Now-a-days, the widest range of users is getting attracted towards the Android devices and thus, stores most of their personal data on it. As a result of this, the users are also becoming very much concerned regarding the security of their Android devices against the online threats. Thus, Norton has designed its product i.e. Norton Mobile Security for offering the web protection to the Android devices as well as data of its users.


Forgetting the Norton Mobile Security set up to the Android device, the users may access the link: Before enabling the web protection of the Norton Mobile Security, the users need to activate the Norton Setup using the valid Norton Product key.

Sometimes the users may face some errors or issues while executing the Norton Mobile Security Web Protection over the Google Chrome web browser of their Android 6.0 devices. So, the simplest method for resolving the run-time errors faced while executing the web protection of Norton Mobile Security over Android 6.0 devices have been detailed in this article.

The run-time errors of Norton Mobile Security are mostly caused due to the update issues of the Norton Mobile Security. As the runtime errors occur on the Android 6. The device, a message pop-up is displayed on the device showing the message as shown below:

“Unfortunately, Your Norton Mobile Security Web Protection has been stopped.”


By following the steps mentioned below, the users could resolve the run-time errors of Norton Mobile Security Web Protection over the Google Chrome browser of the Android 6.0:

  1. Firstly, open the “Google Play Store” on the Android 6.0 device.
  2. And then, search for the “Norton Mobile Security” application.
  3. Tap the first option from the search results, and then, click the “Update” button.

(Forgetting the steps for updating the Norton mobile security using the Norton My Account, the users may refer the support section of the link:

  1. Wait till the updated Norton Setup gets downloaded to the device.
  2. At last, install all the updates of the Norton Setup of the Mobile Security product.

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